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Ayurveda, What is

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as ‘the knowledge of life’. It is a system of medicine considered to be over 4000 years old, but in actuality it can be considered to be much more ancient than this as it existed and evolved long before it was actually recorded into written language. 

Before it was known as a system of medicine, it was just simply the way of life. There was a time when humanity lived in such harmony with nature and each other  that ‘Ayurveda’ as a system of medicine was not actually needed. 

Over time, circumstances changed and humanity became less in tune with their own bodies and to the messages received from nature resulting in imbalance. Thus “Ayurveda” as a system of medicine became necessary. 

Enlightened sages known as Rishis, or wise beings with higher knowledge of nature and the cosmos, foresaw a time when humanity would be so out of touch with themselves and with nature that they would need guidance and help to get back into balance. They chose, out of compassion, to pass down orally and eventually to record in writing, the knowledge of Ayurveda into Sanskrit scripture.

The fact that Ayurveda is recorded in Sanskrit points to the sacredness of this body of knowledge. Sanskrit, the language, is written in Devanagri the text, just as English is written using the alphabet text. Devanagri translates as ‘language of the Gods’ and is considered to be one of the worlds sacred languages. Other examples of sacred languages include Tibetan and Hebrew. Sacred languages elevate the consciousness of the one listening and speaking and take that individual into a more Divine state of consciousness assisting the communicator to behave with more “Divine-like” qualities. 

Sanskrit could be considered to be one of the most ancient and sacred languages of all and it is said that just by hearing or speaking a Sanskrit shloka or phrase, the energy of the words begin to manifest. For example, if we are to repeat the phrase “arogyam”, which translates as “freedom from disease”, then we will manifest health within our body. So, in a way, chanting Sanskrit can be though of as saying ‘magic words’. 

As such, Ayurveda can be considered a mystical and sacred system of medicine. Its wisdom points us to our own Soul and recognizes that healing comes not just from outer, physical medicines, but also from a deeper connection to our spiritual nature. 

Most people, in their heart of hearts and no matter how quiet the whisper may be, know there is something more than what is seen with the physical eye. Ayurveda reassures, energizes and confirms our inner knowing that there is much more to the world than the basic, day to day mundane life that we have learned to cope with. Ayurveda awakens us and reminds us of what we already know deep down, that nature and our very own Life and Soul is mystical, multidimensional and exciting and that there is so much more than we consciously realize.

Ayurveda is as mystical as it is practical. Ayurveda can be used to heal from the illnesses of mundane life. It teaches us that signs of imbalance manifest much earlier than the presentation of physical illness or disease and thus slight modifications in diet and lifestyle earlier on can save us much future suffering. 

Ayurveda teaches us that our emotions are intricately connected to our physical health and that learning how to balance our emotions leads to a healthier body. What we eat not only affects our body, it affects our minds, our emotions and our outlook on life. 

Ayruveda teaches us that our digestion plays a big, if not the biggest role in maintaining physical and mental health and so whenever we are feeling a bit imbalanced, the first place to look along with the emotions, is the digestive health. Most all digestive health issues are quickly and easily balanced with modification of the diet and lifestyle. Once digestive health returns, the body, mind and emotions reflect this and become healthier. 

Ayruveda is incredibly vast, sophisticated system of medicine addressing virtually every aspect of health. It considered the root cause of most imbalance as a spiritual imbalance which then becomes an emotional imbalance which then becomes a physical imbalance. 

In future articles, we will explore more in depth how Ayurveda can help us to heal on all levels, bring us back into our center, pointing us in the direction of health, happiness and spiritual enlightenment. 

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