Ayurveda for Women: Health, Beauty & Longevity

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The mystical, subtle & sophisticated nature of Ayurvedic medicine intrinsically leads the blessed woman who follows it’s principles, into better heath & a peaceful mind with beauty & physical longevity naturally following. 


Ayurveda, Sanskrit for ‘The Science of Life’, is an ancient system of medicine based on timeless & eternal principles of nature. Like most other forms of indigenous medicine, Ayurveda’s foundation lies upon the five great elements, which are considered to be the building blocks of nature. The great elements are: space (Akasha), wind (Vayu), fire (Agni), water (Apas) and earth (Prithvi), known in Sanskrit as the Pancha Maha Bhuta. As with most other indigenous traditions, the elements are considered to be the sacred manifestation of Divine energies within our physical world. It is the dance of the elements within us and all around us that creates the world of form. Everything we sense in the material world, including our own body, the temple which houses our Sacred Soul, is constructed from the Pancha Maha Bhuta. 

When we view our bodies as the sacred temple which houses our Soul, naturally we feel inspired to tend to, cleanse and nurture ourselves. With this knowing,  we make choices to care for ourselves and all of our actions begin to reflect a deeper knowing of who we are on a Spiritual level.

Ayurveda is such a mystical system of medicine yet it is very practical as well. It provides us with detailed guidance on how to tend to ourselves on all levels so that we can create healthy bodies & calm minds with an inner sense of fulfillment. 


Please consider joining us for a two hour intensive class during which we will explore Ayurvedic principles for women to care for their body temple & practice yoga, pranayama & meditation. 


Some areas of discussion include:

~ Ayurveda for Inner Beauty~

    • Cultivating Love of oneself & others
    • Cultivating passion & inspiration for life
    • Cultivating a devotional relationship to the Divine Feminine

~Ayurveda for External Beauty~

    • Nutrition
    • Skincare
    • Yoga // Meditation // Pranayama // Exercise

~ Digestive health as the foundation for all health~

~The cyclical nature of women at all stages of life~

~Attuning to nature as our greatest healer~

~ Intuition & the practice of Listening ~