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Integrative Ayurvedic Medicine with a holistic approach

Yoga Practice

Physical Balancing

Ayurvedic Classes, Workshops & Retreats:

We offer classes to balance the physical body using the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is a vast science with guidance on practically every aspect. Examples of such classes include:

• Introductory Ayurveda

• Ayurvedic Principles of Health

• Women’s Health

• Men’s Health

• Reproductive Health

• Digestive Health

• Mental/Emotional Health

• Children’s Health

Scripture Book - Ayurveda

Ayurveda & Spirituality

Ayurvedic Classes, Workshops & Retreats:

Complementing our classes on Ayurvedic medicine, we offer classes and workshops on spirituality as well. In the classes we will explore spiritual topics such as:

• The Nature of the Soul

• Cultivating Devotion to the Divine

• Using Ritual to Bring Sacredness into our Lives

• Exploring the Elements of Nature

• Exploring the Subtle Body – Chakras & Koshas

• Meditation, Yoga & Pranayama – Elightenment

• Setting Intention to Manifest Fulfillment

• Spiritual Satsang

• What is Dharma?

Group Guidance on Ayurveda & Spirituality

Studying Ayurveda in a group setting facilitates the integration of its principles into our daily lives. Group work allows us to interact, learn from one another and evolve together.

Upcoming Events:

Classes & Workshops will be on the schedule soon!

We will be adding a Calendar of Events to this page and updating it as we schedule new events. Please check back or contact us to find out about Upcoming Events.

More Offerings

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Ayurvedic Therapy

Remove Personal Imbalances. Explore and remove the deeper cause of physical & emotional imbalances.


Life Coaching

Spiritual & practical support to help one move in the direction of one’s unique, personal dharma & life purpose.


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